commercial security

It takes a lot of energy and resources to run a business, and there seems to be a countless stream of things for business owners to stress out about. After hours can be especially worrisome for brick and mortar store owners, as staff are away from the building and anything could happen.

Professional security guard services can provide a lot of comfort for business owners who have enough on their minds already. Imperial Security is one of the area’s top security guard companies, and if your business is in need of a professional patrol guard, security guard, or 24-hour security services look no further. Our foundation is built upon highly trained and highly skilled professional security guards, each of which displays these five critical attributes in addition to so much more.


Being attentive and alert is absolutely essential for all professional security guards. Having a patrol guard that can identify early warning signs and catch something or someone before it becomes a problem can save you and your business a lot of money and headache. Expert level alertness takes a lot of practice, and this skill only improves with a familiarity of a property.

A Big Presence

This one is probably pretty obvious, but having a big presence is very valuable for a security guard. Potential intruders and criminals will be far less likely to cause trouble if the person working security is physically strong and visibly confident. Simply having a security presence on your property may be enough to deter some, but having a big, strong security guard is a guaranteed way to reduce the threat of criminal activity.

Expertise in De-escalation

The best security patrol services will invest a lot of time and resources into training their staff on de-escalation tactics. The best professional security guards will be able to eliminate a problem without resorting to violence which, in the end, will save you and your business a lot of hassle down the road.


As is the case with any profession, punctuality is critical when it comes to security. The best criminals will have scouted your business for days, weeks, or even years before making their big break. Some of this scouting includes learning the security schedule. If there is ever a window where your security is down because your guard arrived late or left early, a criminal can pounce.


As a premier security services company, all of our staff receive the same high-level training. However, the best security guards will demonstrate flexibility so as to best cater to your specific needs. Excellent guards will learn all about your property, uncover what exactly it is you need, and adjust their specific skillset accordingly.

Imperial Security has established itself as a leader in the security patrol services industry, and we guarantee our guards are the best in the business. If you, or someone you know, are hoping to rest a little easier by having your business be watched over by the best around then look no further than Imperial.

Give our passionate staff a call today and discover how our experts can help you.