Business owners need to protect various different things about their company, from their inventory to their own customers. Whether you work in a corporation in the metro Vancouver area or own a convenience store in Burnaby, there is never a bad time to ramp up your security measures, as there’s always the chance for a potential criminal to attempt theft and other incidents.

One way to do this is to hire the most professional security guard Burnaby has available. With a guard protecting your property, during store hours, after hours, or whenever, the chance of crime happening on your premises greatly reduces. Here are all the benefits that follow:

Theft Prevention

Having a guard on your property deters would-be burglars and other criminals from committing a crime. Some store owners try to get by with planting a fake dummy camera in their store to discourage shoplifting and the like, but you’d have a big problem on your hands if such crimes were to occur, such as no actual footage to record the crime and customers losing trust in your store. Hire a security guard as you can never be too wary.

Employee Theft Prevention

Guards mainly protect employees and assets, but they can also be suspicious of the employees themselves if they feel they’re doing something to hurt your business. If you don’t want cashiers to take money or office workers to take your good supplies, a guard can constantly survey your most crime-prone areas. Guards can also help you solve mysteries faster if somebody steals from your business and you aren’t sure who.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Knowing that your business is professionally guarded, your insurance provider will lower your premiums on your property insurance each month. The more security measures your property has, the less you end up paying the insurance company due to there being a lesser need for this insurance. This is because hiring a security guard and other ways to increase security measures means there is little chance for vandalism and/or theft. A guard to watch over your business might not come cheap, but they tend to pay for themselves as time goes on.

Increase Consumer Confidence

Security guards are a must should you own a retail store or other public venue where people frequently visit. With a guard present, attendees and customers will feel safe knowing there is security to watch over it. This will allow customers to keep coming back so you continue to generate the business you need. As mentioned before with dummy cameras, while they’re intended to trick would-be criminals, they can also trick witnesses and victims if a crime were to actually occur. While a real security camera system is helpful, a guard at your location will give you the best security measures possible.

Increase Company Reputation

With a security guard at your business, this makes it appealing to possible investors, as crazy as it sounds. Investors like to have professionally secured businesses as it shows you know what you’re doing and care about your line of work. Your reputation is sure to rise in comparison to other businesses that have next to no security measures.


Consider hiring a security guard to watch over your business. A security guard can help prevent theft, even from within your circle of employees. Guards can also decrease your insurance premiums so you pay less for insurance monthly. Customers will also feel confident in visiting your location each time as its reputation will go up. Increasing security measures will go a long way to improving business.