In these uncertain times, security companies can be a vital tool to helping add a little extra safety and peace of mind to your business, organization, or residence.

Security guard services themselves range from having a professional security guard on the premises to adding anti-crime technology around a property.

Security guard companies such as Imperial Security will work tirelessly with their clients to customize the security they desire with what our professionals recommend.

While the intricacies of each property will be different, here are six of the biggest benefits of professional security service.


Professional Skills and Training

You could always hire a security guard in house, but by doing so you run the risk of picking someone that lacks the level of training and skills provided by a dedicated security service. Professional security guards are vetted before they are hired by security companies and constantly evaluated throughout their time with a firm. This results in the highest quality personnel that can handle any situation and have a keen eye for noticing when something doesn’t seem right long before anything goes wrong.



Security guard companies have all of the tools and skills necessary to provide professional security for any size and type of property or event. Because of this flexibility, the quality of the security provided is never compromised, and clients can always be sure that they are being given the best coverage for their specific situation.


24/7 Coverage

Speaking of coverage, while every security detail is customizable one of the biggest benefits of professional security companies is that they can provide coverage of your property for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year if so desired. Crime can happen at any time, and 24/7 coverage is sometimes necessary to keep all of your staff, clients, facilities, and assets safe around the clock.


On-Site Emergency Response

Unfortunately, sometimes emergencies happen, and having a security guard or security technology on the property can spell the difference between a small hiccup and a tragic disaster. In addition to crime prevention, security guards are trained in handling everything from fires to medical emergencies and can prevent most any situation from escalating out of control. Security companies can also install specialized technology to help alert further emergency response teams should a situation turn dire.


Lessen your Liability

By hiring a professional security firm for your property, you are effectively passing much of the liability onto the company that you contract. This will minimize the personal risk you assume and also likely reduce your insurance premiums. Further, a professional security company allows you to put all of your energy and resources into your business and not have to worry about training, coaching, and supervising an in-house security team.


Thorough Record Keeping and Accountability

Security guard companies are almost as much about the security they provide as they are about tracking and record keeping. Trained guards and administration staff will log and report everything. While this may seem like overkill to some, this information is invaluable if/when a crime or incident were to happen on your property. These logs will provide background, history, and observations that can prove invaluable when identifying a perpetrator, making a case in court, or simply tracking unusual behaviour.


When you sit down and crunch the numbers the benefits of hiring a security company far outweigh any downsides. No matter your situation, an expert security provider like Imperial Security is guaranteed to provide added safety to your property.

Trust the professionals and give us a call today to further discover how Imperial Security can help you achieve greater peace of mind.