At Imperial Security, we have a massive catalogue of services that will add immeasurable value and security to your business.

While any added professional security will help improve your property’s safety, arguably, no type of service is more beneficial than a mobile patrol. In short, a mobile patrol is a security guard in a vehicle that will monitor all corners of your property while on the move. Normal security guards are generally stationed in one spot, but the added bonus of a security patrol can do wonders in deterring crime, promoting safety, and de-escalating shady situations in every corner. When it comes to patrol guards, our team of experts are the best in the business. Curious just how a mobile patrol service can help your business? Here are seven ways that your patrol guard will soon prove invaluable.


Increased Staff and Customer Safety

Perhaps the most important way that a security patrol will help your business is by increasing the feeling of safety with both your staff and customers. Even if they never encounter a crime in action, the mere presence of a mobile patrol service will help keep your people at ease. This is especially important in rough neighbourhoods or businesses that operate well into the night or have a graveyard shift.


Complete Property Coverage

Standard security guards definitely serve their purpose, but a designated security patrol has the added benefit of providing blanketed security support for your entire property. By being mobile, this type of security guard constantly has their head on a swivel – looking for suspicious behaviour around every corner. Because they are on the move, it is much more difficult for potential criminals to take advantage of your business’s unwatched areas.


Highly Trained to Spot Suspicious Activity and Defuse Situations

Mobile patrol guards go through extensive training before being put on any assignment, and this level of training will pay dividends when it comes to keeping your business safe. Not only are guards trained in identifying signs of suspicious activity, but they are also specialists in de-escalating volatile situations. Handling security threats, aggressive visitors, or active criminals are well within the wheelhouse for patrol guards. Additionally, guards are trained to respond to unforeseen emergencies like fires, power outages, or health concerns in the most efficient and effective ways possible.


Quick Response Times

No matter the emergency or situation, your security patrol will have a much quicker response time than any other form of security. Because they are mounted in a vehicle, these guards can get to any potential threat in the blink of an eye. There is no better team for your business than when on-the-ground security can monitor your property and quickly report any threats to a security patrol that can close in on the area in question in a matter of seconds.


More Eyes on High-Risk Areas

Every property has areas that are more vulnerable to crime than others, and mobile patrol service can address these better than any other security style. If you have a large property, it is likely not financially viable to have security guards stationed in every spot requiring attention. That’s where a mobile guard comes into play. Mobile guards will identify the most high-risk areas of your property and keep a watchful eye on these zones to deter any criminal activity.


Share Keyholding Duties

There are only so many people in a company that you should trust to hold the master keys, but sometimes situations arise where access is imperative. Mobile security guards are an excellent, trustworthy option to hold onto a set of keys in case they need to gain immediate access to a building or gate, a staff member gets locked out, or an emergency occurs behind locked doors. Businesses can’t afford to give unlimited access to everyone on staff, but by allowing a mobile patrol to hold your keys, you can offer access to those who need it when they need it most.


Mobile Presence Deters Criminal Activity

The mere presence of a patrol guard is often enough to deter any and all criminal activity from occurring on your property. While you will hire a company to increase safety and security around your business, ideally, they will not have to confront any issues at all. A mobile guard is the best way to ensure this, as many criminals will choose not to act when they see an active and alert guard on patrol.


Imperial Security is the premiere mobile patrol service provider, and with years of experience, we have witnessed first hand the benefits that a mobile patrol can provide. If you wish to increase your business or property’s safety and security, look no further than Imperial Security.

Our expert staff is always eager to customize a plan and help our clients find a little added peace of mind.