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Security is a significant concern for all organizations and, depending on your business, robbery could be exceptionally high on your radar. While essential, protecting your business from theft isn’t rocket science and security companies like Imperial Security are here to help. From providing commercial security guards to catchall security patrol services, Imperial has you covered. If you are looking for some quick robbery prevention tips from one of the premier providers of professional security services in the area, below you will find our top nine suggestions.

Have your Bases Covered

While perhaps common sense to some, you would be surprised to hear how many businesses are not adequately secured. To prevent robberies at your business, make sure you have the appropriate deadbolt locks on doors, crossbars on windows, fences, gates, and unbreakable glass. The extent of these tools will vary from location to location and business to business, so do what is most appropriate for you.

Improve Visibility

One of the easiest ways to improve security at your business is to improve lighting. If you can make all regions in and around your business visible at both day and night, you will deter potential intruders and increase your odds of catching the bold ones.

Stay Vigilant

By simply paying attention and staying alert, you can prevent future robberies from occurring at your business. Keep an eye out for who is in and around your business at all times – paying particular attention to unusual behaviour. Act quickly if you do notice something out of the ordinary.

Get Active in your Community

Many commercial security services recommend that becoming an active member of your community is a great way to prevent robberies at your business. By increasing your network of friendly neighbours and keeping an eye on partner businesses, you, in turn, will have more eyes on yours. This tactic is simple, affordable, and requires no additional help from outside business security companies.

Don’t be a Target

Robbers will generally target businesses that can provide a big and fast reward. Take your business off this list by eliminating massive cash storage in your register, concealing visible, valuable items, and locking any other display cases. If the operation of your business requires you to have big bills on hand, store them in a safe. The simple presence of a safe can be deterrent enough for many robbers.

Keep Your Employees Informed

One of your greatest security assets isn’t a security guard or professional patrol services; it is your staff.

It doesn’t take much time to train your staff on how to identify suspicious behaviour, respond in case of a robbery, and operate in a way to prevent your business from becoming a target. Keeping your staff trained and informed can pay dividends in robbery prevention.

Invest in Security Devices

Security devices have always been a go-to method for robbery prevention, and as technology improves, security devices have only gotten better. Frequently the simple presence of cameras and alarms can be enough to turn a robber around. If they do decide to make a move, this technology can stop a robber in the act or help identify them after the deed has been done.

Utilize Signage

In addition to actual security technology, the accompanying signage can also do wonders in deterring robbers. Effective signs will warn intruders of alarms, cameras, and security patrol services, but you can also include signage that indicates no money is kept in the house overnight to dissuade criminals.

Employ a Commercial Security Guard

While the above eight methods help prevent robberies at your business, perhaps one of the most effective is by hiring a security guard from commercial security services. Not only do professional security guards have a keen eye for incidents before they happen, but they are there to handle any dangerous situations should they arise. Of all items on our list, hiring a commercial security guard may be the one that could keep you, your staff, and your business safe.

If robberies are at all a concern at your business, don’t fret! There are many ways business owners can improve the safety and security of their organizations. Whether you need some specific tips from professionals or are ready to hire your professional security services, the passionate and experienced staff at Imperial Security is here for you. Give us a call today!