Summer is over, and fall is around the corner. The new season is a new start for students, social groups and others, but shorter days also mean significant hazards for businesses.

Whether they’re in Vancouver, where the days become cloudier and wetter, or Calgary and Edmonton, where colder weather heralds the approaching winter, property owners need to be aware of the season’s risks.

Darker days

Shorter days is the top risk, of course. Less daylight means more darkness, and more opportunity for people to do things without being seen. Whether it’s vandalism or theft, shorter days bring a need for proper lighting at key access points. These include doors, windows and loading docks. Artificial lighting creates a safer environment for workers and reduces the temptation for trespassers to damage, steal and abuse your property.

The onset of wetter, colder weather also means property owners need to watch out for those seeking shelter. they’re not necessarily out to break the law, but it doesn’t mean they’re authorized to be on your premises, either.

Tools such as lighting can discourage people from squatting on your premises. But the need of the less fortunate for warmth and shelter is often greater than your efforts to discourage them. Trained security guards performing regular foot patrols can watch for those in need as well as protect your property. Those who work there will feel safer, too.

Stormy weather

Autumn also marks the return of wind, rain and snow. The elements are particularly hard on building sites that haven’t reached lock-up.

Poor landscaping and a lack of routine autumn mainteance also creates risks. Branches can fall from trees that haven’t had the water needed to strengthen their limbs, for example. Debris, including leaves and twigs, can clog drains and sewers, causing flooding. It’s not just properties at risk; employees and visitors need to be able to access your property safely. No one wants to worry about slipping, falling debris or being drenched.

Peace of mind

Imperial Security knows the importance of maintaining a safe and welcoming property. With more than 25 years’ experience, it ranks among Western Canada’s most-trusted security companies. Its security guards are trained to monitor your property for hazards.

Security patrols by foot and bike ensure detail-oriented protection regardless of the weather outside. Daily reports keep property owners aware of the risks they face, and what can be done to minimize them, ensuring the health, safety and security of people and property.