How to Know If You Need Residential Security Patrol Services? See Top 3 Ways

First thing first, do you reside near the cities of Vancouver, Langley, Calgary, Surrey, or Richmond? If yes, you must avail of Residential Security Patrol services now to ensure you stay safe and sound as always. But the question is, how these security services will impact your life? For that, we must say, it doesn’t […]

Why Dash Cams Shouldn’t Replace Mobile Patrol Services

Dash cams are great products that are popping up in tech stores and websites, but we don’t really recommend them for security if you have other options such as a mobile patrol service. Dash cams are devices that capture footage from any place in your car. Drivers use it to get a good view of […]

4 Important Benefits of Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrol service is an amazing option rather than an on-site security guard. Because mobile patrol guards can follow both random and scheduled routes in patrol vehicles, or on foot to watch for suspicious movement. Also, they are not fixed to a single location. Good mobile patrols security, such as Imperial Security, has the benefit of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Security Guard Contractors

Security contractors will have extensive experience. Even though the cost of security contractors may seem higher initially, this can prove to be a money saver in the long run. Contractors may be able to hire staff members who have no previous experience to better understand the nature and needs of customers. As well, these individuals […]

Three Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

What Is Mobile Patrol Security? While it’s always wrong to break the law, thieves and vandals are getting smarter in their hunt to pull off the crime. Technology allows criminals to have more information and better access to businesses and homeowners. Those shouldered with the responsibility of the safety of a property need to be […]

A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard Company

There is no question about the fact that having a professional security guard around helps to increase the safety of the guests at your event. There are several reasons why you should hire a security company. The first reason is that the security guards hired by organizations are well-equipped with all the latest gadgets and […]

How to Protect your Edmonton Office from Burglary

Business and office security is not something to be taken lightly, as the safety of your staff, visitors, clients, and guests is of the utmost importance. There are many ways that the security of your office can be compromised, and the best Edmonton security guards are here to help. At Imperial Security, our security guards […]

What types of businesses need security guards?

When running an office or business, there are many ways to cut corners and save money to increase your overall margins. Security, however, should not be one of them. Having a safe and secure business environment, is imperative for your staff’s productivity and safety, as well as the comfort of your clients, visitors, and guests. […]

Does your Calgary business need concierge security service?

Does your Calgary business need concierge security service? As one of the leading providers of security guard services in Calgary, Imperial Security knows the value of high-quality business security. Our Calgary security guards team is always eager to help improve the safety and security of local businesses in any way we can. While our mobile […]

Why is Office Security so Important?

Managing an office is no easy task, as there are both little details and big picture items that need to be addressed in order to keep your businesses operating smoothly, and efficiently. Of all the things to worry about, however, perhaps nothing is more important than workplace security. Hiring a commercial security service such as […]