Private security, public health

Private security guard companies typically protect property. Protecting buildings also makes it safer for the people who work in them. Imperial Security has built a trusted reputation over more than 25 years for protecting the health, safety and security of people and property in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The new pandemic On March 11, the […]

Protecting properties protects families

Popular demand for a public holiday to break up the winter months has led five provinces, including B.C. and Alberta, to designate a Family Day holiday in February. Throw in Valentine’s Day, and everyone has someone to look out for. Protecting people and property has been a mission for Imperial Security since its start more […]

Hot security tips for cold weather

The winter of 2020 is in full swing, with frigid temperatures across British Columbia and the Prairies. Snow has hit property owners in Vancouver. The windchill factor in Calgary and Edmonton has sent people scrambling indoors. Imperial Security’s trained security guards have had to bundle up, too, while conducting the foot patrols that keep properties […]

Time for a change?

The more the times change, the more things stay the same. And, as recent government surveys in British Columbia and Alberta show, an overwhelming majority want the times to stay just as they are. Close to 93% of the nearly 225,000 British Columbians surveyed by the province this summer want the province to make a […]

Business security needs rise with fall

Summer is over, and fall is around the corner. The new season is a new start for students, social groups and others, but shorter days also mean significant hazards for businesses. Whether they’re in Vancouver, where the days become cloudier and wetter, or Calgary and Edmonton, where colder weather heralds the approaching winter, property owners […]

Special events require special measures

The scenes of massive demonstrations on the streets of Hong Kong this summer have been stunning. But in recent weeks, some of the protests have taken a violent turn. Others have caused disruption to travellers and normal business activities. Civil disobedience on a similar scale is rare in Canada. The closest we’ve come in recent […]

Secure properties protect workers

The recent assault of a Victoria hotel worker underscores the need for security plans that protect both property and people. This concept isn’t new to Imperial Security. With more than 25 years’ experience in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Imperial Security works with clients to protect the health, safety and security of both people and property. […]

Keeping on top of security means keeping ahead of change

When it comes to property security, change takes many forms. There is the daily change in traffic – the kinds of people, vehicles and goods coming to a property. There are also the changes that come in how people access your property, for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons. Being able to recognize and respond to […]

Secure properties can help reduce insurance costs

Change is constant, and with change comes an element of risk. Knowing how to manage risk reduces the potential for negative impact on your business. It can also help reduce the cost of insurance coverage, which is linked to the risks people, properties and businesses face.   The insurance environment Many people are seeing insurance […]

Property security risks bloom in spring

Spring officially begins on March 20, and while it might not look like it in Calgary and Edmonton, it’s very likely to be a different story in Vancouver. The new season brings fresh security concerns. While winter brings ice that makes properties dangerous to occupants and cold temperatures that attract people seeking night-time shelter to […]