9 Ways a Business Can Prevent Robberies

Security is a significant concern for all organizations and, depending on your business, robbery could be exceptionally high on your radar. While essential, protecting your business from theft isn’t rocket science and security companies like Imperial Security are here to help. From providing commercial security guards to catchall security patrol services, Imperial has you covered. […]

The Role Of A Fire Watch Security Guard

This is a Job for a Fire-watch Security Guard! When you hire a fire-watch security guard from Imperial Security, they are dedicated to their task of being the first respondent on the scene in case of a fire at your location. When it comes to the protection of human life and property, our security patrol […]

Security plans require regular review

Protecting property and people effectively depends on having the right security plan. It’s critical to know the weak spots along your property’s perimeter, monitor for trespassers and prevent access. These three things help prevent vandalism, theft and threats to staff. With more than 25 years of experience, Imperial Security knows the dangers properties face. It […]

Private security keeps eyes on the street

Plenty of high-tech gadgets promise to keep properties secure. Closed-circuit cameras, passcards, fobs and other means of access control are all helpful tools. There’s no replacement for the human presence, however, especially when it comes to analyzing behaviour and guessing intentions. Taking notice During a recent hospitality industry conference, one British Columbia motel owner described […]

What constitutes trespass?

“Open for business” is a positive, upbeat way to say you’re ready to take on the world. Businesses and service organizations often profess an “open door” approach that makes people feel welcome. Those open doors shouldn’t be taken for granted. But some guests can outstay their welcome. Some weren’t even invited in the first place. […]

First responders and mental health

The past six weeks have seen dramatic changes in how we do business. Social distancing, occupancy limits and reduced hours have made everyone rethink how they go about tasks we used to take for granted. While this has been stressful, businesses have also felt the pressure. One of the first steps essential service providers took […]

Security requires a boost during business closures

Restrictions designed to fight COVID-19 have not reduced the need for property security. By now, most of us are familiar with the need keep our distance from others. Many stores use floor markings to remind customers to keep six feet apart. Private security guards have become team members, enforcing the rules so stores meet their […]

Private security, public health

Private security guard companies typically protect property. Protecting buildings also makes it safer for the people who work in them. Imperial Security has built a trusted reputation over more than 25 years for protecting the health, safety and security of people and property in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The new pandemic On March 11, the […]

Protecting properties protects families

Popular demand for a public holiday to break up the winter months has led five provinces, including B.C. and Alberta, to designate a Family Day holiday in February. Throw in Valentine’s Day, and everyone has someone to look out for. Protecting people and property has been a mission for Imperial Security since its start more […]

Hot security tips for cold weather

The winter of 2020 is in full swing, with frigid temperatures across British Columbia and the Prairies. Snow has hit property owners in Vancouver. The windchill factor in Calgary and Edmonton has sent people scrambling indoors. Imperial Security’s trained security guards have had to bundle up, too, while conducting the foot patrols that keep properties […]