How to Protect your Edmonton Office from Burglary

Business and office security is not something to be taken lightly, as the safety of your staff, visitors, clients, and guests is of the utmost importance. There are many ways that the security of your office can be compromised, and the best Edmonton security guards are here to help. At Imperial Security, our security guards […]

What types of businesses need security guards?

When running an office or business, there are many ways to cut corners and save money to increase your overall margins. Security, however, should not be one of them. Having a safe and secure business environment, is imperative for your staff’s productivity and safety, as well as the comfort of your clients, visitors, and guests. […]

Does your Calgary business need concierge security service?

Does your Calgary business need concierge security service? As one of the leading providers of security guard services in Calgary, Imperial Security knows the value of high-quality business security. Our Calgary security guards team is always eager to help improve the safety and security of local businesses in any way we can. While our mobile […]

Why is Office Security so Important?

Managing an office is no easy task, as there are both little details and big picture items that need to be addressed in order to keep your businesses operating smoothly, and efficiently. Of all the things to worry about, however, perhaps nothing is more important than workplace security. Hiring a commercial security service such as […]

How to secure your office building during the winter?

Here in Vancouver, we are on the footsteps of winter, and with it comes a slew of challenges that are generally not on the radar during the summer months. Office security and workplace security are of the utmost importance during the wintertime. Every facet of life becomes a little more challenging and demanding as days […]

How Covid-19 is Changing the Security Guard Industry?

We are in unprecedented times and navigating uncharted waters in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtually every industry has had to find ways to adapt in order to continue operating while the virus is still afoot, and the security guard industry is no different. While things have certainly changed, one fact has remained the […]

How Mobile Patrols can Protect your Edmonton Business

There are countless ways to protect your Edmonton business from burglars, trespassers, or other criminals, and the professionals at Imperial Security have all of your bases covered. From stationed security guards to cameras and technology, Imperial Security has built a reputation for providing the most thorough and affordable security services in Edmonton. Of all the […]

What are the Various Types of Workplace Security?

Business owners have a lot on their plate without having to worry about workplace security, and that’s where the professionals at Imperial Security come in. We have a longstanding reputation of providing thorough, affordable, and experienced commercial security services for all types of businesses and situations. Whether you need a warehouse, industrial, personal business, strata, […]

What is mobile patrol?

Of all the services that Imperial Security provides, perhaps none is more utilitarian and beneficial for all industries than our mobile patrol. Given the type of security that the mobile patrol service from Imperial Security provides, it is ideal for many businesses and industries. What is a mobile patrol? In short, mobile patrols are security […]

3 Types of Businesses With Specific Security Needs

Security should be a primary concern for all businesses. If staff, clients, and guests do not feel safe and secure when visiting a company’s property that will have a direct correlation to profitability, return customers, and staff retention. At Imperial Security, we pride ourselves on the flexibility we provide when creating the perfect security service […]