Property security begins with knowing your risks

All properties have weak spots. Any structure with a door can be entered, but not everyone who can enter the door should. And even if they’re allowed to enter, there may be times when access is limited. The risks to properties multiply as additional doors are added, not to mention windows. Surround the property with […]

Security requirements deserve regular review

Proper security is critical to maintaining a safe environment for your business. The health and safety of staff and visitors, and the integrity of your operations depends on it. Security is much more than hiring qualified private security guard companies to do the job. It requires knowing the specific needs of the property, and having […]

Holiday time requires extra vigilance against property crime

The holidays, they say, are the most wonderful time of the year. But when it comes to property crime, there’s a heightened risk that things could go very wrong. Weather, partying and grinches who see opportunities to infringe on other people’s peace could all be to blame. However, having a private security guard company on […]

Winter weather brings property hazards

Many cities have written management plans detailing their plans for winter weather. Some cities even go so far as to demonstrate their preparedness with equipment displays. When it comes to winterizing your business, Imperial Security is doing its part to make sure the safety and protection of your workers and property doesn’t fall short. While […]

Hot markets boost fire watch requirements

An insurer expects that owners will take all reasonable means to ensure that properties are protected from hazards, and that includes fire. When a building is under construction, private security guards are among the ways that companies protect their interests. When construction completes, the building usually has a fire detection and suppression system in place […]

Private security guards provide real-time intelligence

Sophisticated surveillance tools mean many companies wonder if there’s a place for old-school foot patrols. Private security guards were once the frontline of defence, but live video feeds have taken property security online. Why should a company put human lives at risk by asking guards to monitor properties through night and control access during the […]