Assault in Yaletown that left serious head injuries

A 28-year-old was attacked outside a Yaletown lounge on March 31 at around 2 a.m.. Police had just released surveillance footage in hopes that the public could help them identify the suspects. Outside Pierre’s Champagne lounge a 28-year-old male was assaulted and left with life-altering head injuries. After being punched in the head twice by […]

Man arrested after series of pharmacy robberies

Officers have arrested a man who allegedly forced Edmonton pharmacy staff to the ground with a handgun. 43 year-old Ronald Jason Fitzgerald faces four charges of robbery, disguise with intent and use of imitation firearm. Between May 2018 and March 2019, he has robbed 4 pharmacies in the Edmonton area and reportedly threatened the staff […]

Police officer and woman stabbed near elementary school

According to Delta officers, a man and a woman were fighting in front of a private elementary school on Wednesday around 3:05 p.m. when an off-duty officer saw them and attempted to break up the fight. When the officer intervened, the man stabbed both the woman and the officer. During the incident the private school, […]

Southwest convenience store robbed and police are searching for suspects

Early morning on Sunday February 10, 2019, A plus 1 convenience store was robbed with the cashier at gun point. Investigators stated that the suspects entered the convenience store just before 5:00 a.m. Once they had entered, they pulled out a handgun and demanded the cashier clerk for money. Luckily, the cashier was not injured […]

Driver fined $100+ for not clearing snow off their vehicle

Richmond Mounties are encouraging drivers to take some time to clear snow from their cars to help keep roads safe this winter season. On Twitter they had posted a photo of a vehicle covered in snow; with nothing, but the side windows cleared. The one driving the vehicle failed to clear their roof and back […]

Customer shot during theft in Vancouver pot shop

On Sunday evening, armed robbers ran into an illegal marijuana dispensary in Vancouver and ended up shooting a customer. Two masked men burst into the Stepping Stone Holistic Living store shortly after  5 p.m. and had started making demands for cash. The victim was a 32-year-old man. He had been taken to the hospital due […]

Death in Edmonton home invasion ruled homicide

Officers reported to a home near 119 Avenue and 61 Street at around 8:50 p.m. When they arrived, they found a man and a woman with injuries. Barbara Nelson, the woman, was pronounced dead due to a blunt force trauma and the man remains in serious condition in the hospital. Before the police had arrived, […]

Richmond officers warn of home security scam

Richmond RCMP have issued a warning to those who reside in the Hamilton area after receiving reports of people going door-to-door claiming to be representatives of a home security firm, ADT. The officers learned about the scam after they had been shown posts from neighbourhood residents that had originally been made in a closed group […]

Victim shot in hand during attempted car theft

Calgary officers are searching for a couple of men who attacked a gentleman in Beddington on Saturday morning while trying to take his car. Calgary police responded to a report in the area of Beddington Trail and Beddington Boulevard N.E. at about 4:30 am for attempted carjacking. Upon arriving, the victim told them that two […]

Vancouver man killed by freight train in collision

A Vancouver man was killed in his truck after colliding with a CN train in Delta last weekend. Delta officers were called to Churchill Railway Crossing after the collision. The scene of the crash had been “complex” as the truck was a significant distance from the tracks due to the impact of the collision. The […]