Needle found inside Value Village board game

A six-year-old boy, Angus Selman, in Pitt Meadows was excited to open his new board game from Value Village. Upon opening the game, he and his friend discovered two tubes of glue and a used needle with the game board pieces. After Angus’s discovery, he ran to his parents to explain what he and his […]

Centennial High School vandalized

Centennial High School’s walls were vandalized last week overnight. Students say that the vandalism was a response to an ongoing dispute regarding vaping on school property. The word ‘Consty’ was used again and again to target the schools constable. It appears that some students are upset due to the confiscation of vapes, by the constable, […]

Brownie bust leads to concern about online sales of weed edibles

Delta police caught a woman allegedly selling marijuana-laced brownies with 40 times the recommended dosage of THC. The dessert looked almost identical to a regular grocery store package of brownies but stated it had 400 milligrams of THC. The packaging did not show any warning labels for children, which would make them easy to confuse […]

People are still parking in front of hydrants

Though it is against the law, people are still parking in front of fire hydrants. Many explain that they will only be there for a few minutes, but that is still not acceptable. Disasters and emergencies cannot be predicted. A few minutes of extra steps for firefighters could be detrimental. Drivers need to be more […]

Donated bike for charities stolen from Bow Cycle

A few nights ago a handful of bikes were stolen from Bow Cycle. Usually, this would not be a big deal, but there is a lot of disappointment from the company. Bow Cycle was in the process of repairing unwanted bicycles for Bike 4 Kids. Many have contributed their old or unused bikes for repair […]

Sexual offender to reside in Edmonton

Edmonton police are warning the community that a convicted sexual offender, who is very violent, will be living in the area and is likely to reoffend. Gregory Ottertail, 40, is said to be violent towards anyone that he meets, whether they be familiar or complete strangers. He has been violent with his intimate partners and […]

RCMP officer severely injured

During a traffic stoplight, an RCMP officer was dragged by a suspect vehicle which resulted in severe injuries. The officer was investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle and stopped a car around No. 3 Road and Steveston Highway on Sunday morning around 9:30 a.m. Upon approaching the vehicle on foot, the officer was dragged […]

Burnaby Mounties applauded by social media users

Nowadays there are many videos online showing the abuse of people by police officers. About three days ago, a video surfaced of the Burnaby RCMP being verbally assaulted, but staying extremely calm. The video has now become viral and the police in the video are being applauded by those it has reached. The altercation in […]

Bad B.C. drivers face tougher penalties

Attorney General David Eby stated that the fines under the driver penalty point premium and the driver risk premium will be raised by 20% on November 1, and another 20% the following November. The driver risk premium is currently assessed for behaviour such as two or more distracted driving violations or excessive speeding. The penalty […]

Terrible driving habits that need to stop

It seems that more and more drivers are learning how NOT to drive properly. In Lorraine’s article on she talks about driving habits that get on her nerves and advises other drivers how to fix their bad habits. Here is a list of a few bad habits that drivers need to break: Distracted driving – […]