Thieves hijack Vancouver woman’s phone number and gain access to her accounts

A Vancouver woman, who thought she had taken enough measures to protect herself, is now out $30,000. Erynn Tomlinson had her two-factor authentication set up like most people do upon making accounts so that they are well-protected. This involves receiving a security code through text message or email so that you are able to log […]

Suspect removed monitoring device and VPD are asking the public to help locate him

Mark Lukyn was out on bail on Monday when the VPD  said that he removed his monitoring device. The suspect was granted bail after being charged with multiple counts of forcible confinement, sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm, and assault with a weapon while uttering threats in connection with an incident in the city. The […]

Explosion of pipeline could impact service for 700,000 FortisBC customers

If you were driving around on Tuesday evening you would’ve seen a mass of smoke being produced by a big flame. You probably thought it was a forest fire or a burning building, but that was not the case. The smoke and strong flames you saw were from a pipeline explosion that occurred north of […]

Vancouver firefighters challenge next city council to ‘champion public safety’

Vancouver firefighters are challenging the city’s mayoral and council candidates to express their thoughts and position on the public safety of Vancouver. As election day draws closer they will release a list of candidates they are endorsing. Over the last 30 years Vancouver has grown by 200,000+ more people. In that time, Vancouver has failed […]

Alleged Iced Capp attack at Timmie’s

Police are searching for the suspect who verbally abused a cashier at a Tim Horton’s location on Carnarvon Street on September 6th. The suspect approached the counter to complain to the staff that his order was wrong. He then started to pour his drink onto the counter while verbally abusing the cashier. After the cashier […]

13 Items to never store in your car

Sometimes we can’t help but leave certain items in our car. Out of convenience, we leave some items in our vehicle not realizing that it is hazardous due to extreme temperatures of the vehicles. Listed below are 13 items that should not be kept in our vehicles: Medicine – To maintain their efficacy they must […]

27-year-old male arrested for dramatic crime spree

Jesse William Swain, a 27-year-old male, was arrested on September 21st for a crime spree that occurred in downtown Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. Swain was charged with three counts of assault and more counts of robbery, theft and dangerous driving causing accidents with his vehicle. Swain did not go down willingly. He pepper-sprayed […]

Surrey RCMP in search of suspected cab driver attackers

Two men were accused of attacking a cab driver in Surrey on August 8 and the RCMP is asking for the public’s help to identify them. The assault occurred in the 13200 block of 105A Ave at around 3:30pm. Read below to help the RCMP identify these two attackers.

B.C. provincial park temporarily open to tent city campers

The tent city, which includes Namegans Nation, is facing eviction and was just informed that they are now able to stay at Greater Victoria’s Goldstream Provincial Park for a period of time. Due to this news, many residents are angry and are making conflicts in order to push the homeless and vulnerable out of the […]

NCIX servers auctioned off… along with Canadians’ personal data

After NCIX auctioned off their gear after declaring bankruptcy, it was observed that they were being listed onto Craigslist. Buying and selling technology within Craigslist is normal, but it was found that sensitive personal information came along with the units. This information included names and phone numbers, credit card numbers, and more. Due to this […]