Attack on Queensborough Bridge leave 3 people injured

On Sunday a man was charged with assault following an attack on the Queensborough Bridge. Due to this attack, three people were put into the hospital that day. 75-year-old Amar was on the bridge during the afternoon and was attacked by Lieto Nasitwitwi who had a hammer in his hands. A couple of Good Samaritans […]

Preparation of the Legalization of Pot

We are four weeks away from the legalization of Marijuana. There has been much criticism on how B.C. has prepared for this legalization. What are your thoughts on the approach our province has taken on this upcoming event? Read below to decide for yourself! Source:

Two suspects arrested for distraction theft series on SkyTrain

Often, offering help is a genuine act of kindness, but for this group friends kindness was used as a tool for theft. Metro Vancouver Police warn SkyTrain users to be alert of distraction thefts after a series of crimes this summer. Two suspects were arrested, but there remains a third among the public. Below is […]

Vancouver police ramping up efforts to prevent crime with new prediction technology

Preventing crimes before they happen? It’s an idea straight out of a science fiction movie and now the Vancouver Police Department. The VPD will be the first police force in Canada to use a new computerized crime prediction model; which will forecast where property crimes will happen, and dispatch officers to those areas to deter […]