Property owners should take note of the recent decision of Crown prosecutors in Ontario to drop charges against an animal rights activist who videotaped herself inside a local hog barn.

Despite the video, the prosecution claimed that there wasn’t a reasonable chance of conviction, drawing fire from farm groups who said the decision allowed trespassers to get off scott-free. With a similar invasion of property recently taking place in Abbotsford, property owners in Western Canada shouldn’t consider the case an isolated incident. While law enforcement agencies are working to build a case against that would allow charges to be laid against activists in BC, property owners have little immediate recourse when unwelcome visitors arrive.

Focused eyes

This is where private security guard companies play an important role in protecting the security and well-being of people, properties and businesses. It’s tough to tell who might show up at your business on any given day. Having trained people focused on protecting your property can provide peace of mind and help minimize disruptions to daily activities. Risks specific to sensitive premises such as farms or research facilities can also be reduced by foot patrols and guards trained to recognize suspicious behaviors.

Controlled access

Patrols aren’t the only way private security guard companies help prevent trouble. Access control and lock/unlock services are two services Imperial Security offers that ensure only authorized individuals access a property.

Guards who are familiar with a property or business will know the regulars and recognize anyone who may be new. But having someone who will not only recognize strangers but check identification and register them as visitors adds an extra layer of security. It provides a record, one that Imperial Security backs up with real-time reports filed via a mobile app during each guard’s shift. This provides independent verification of when visitors arrived and how any subsequent events unfolded.

Lock out crime

Lock/unlock services give businesses peace of mind by handing the keys to a property – literally – to a private security company that makes sure a property opens and closes at set times. Combined with foot and bike patrols, security guards are able to control and monitor the integrity of a site’s access points.

A single security guard may be no match for dozens of protesters, but having one present can reduce the chances trespassers will come looking for access. And if a crowd does show up, a security guard can provide a property owner with independent verification of what happened. This can make it easier to prosecute people intent on trespass, mischief and other criminal activity.

With more than 25 years of experience in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Imperial Security has the skills and expertise needed to protect the health, safety and security of your business.