Private security Calgary

When protecting your home or business in Calgary, private security services will turn out to be an invaluable asset. Whether you’re looking for a one-time event security solution or long-term 24/7 security coverage, a variety of private security services are available in the city. Let’s look at some of Calgary’s most popular types of private security services.

● Unarmed Security Guards

In Calgary, private security services come in many forms. Unarmed security guards are an integral part of private security Calgary. Many clients can benefit from unarmed security guards on their properties. Their role is to deter crime from occurring and to help detect suspicious activity immediately before it takes place.  Unarmed private security Calgary offers valuable peace of mind for private businesses, residences, industrial sites and more. They provide a 24-hour watch that helps protect people, property and profits from being hurt by criminal activity. With an increased focus on private security in Calgary, unarmed security guards have become an important way for businesses and homeowners to get added protection.

This kind of private security service typically includes minor investigation duties, providing priceless peace of mind that people engaging in activities on private property or attending events will do so safely.

● Armed Security Guards

In certain circumstances where there may be a higher risk factor, armed guards may be necessary to ensure maximum protection. Just like unarmed guards, these professional agents will patrol your premises and monitor any suspicious activity while responding quickly and effectively to any threats that may arise. Armed guards can also provide additional services such as access control, crowd control, patrol services and more – all with the added layer of protection provided by firearms.

● Mobile Patrol Services

For those who require round-the-clock coverage but don’t need an onsite guard presence 24/7, mobile patrols are ideal solutions for providing peace of mind without breaking the bank. Mobile patrols typically involve having a vehicle patrolling your premises at random intervals throughout the day and night – though this can be tailored depending on your needs and budget – ensuring that your property remains secure even when you’re not there.

● Technology Solutions

Finally, technology solutions such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors and alarm systems are excellent additions to any comprehensive security plan – whether you have an onsite guard presence or not. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology solutions with experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure at all times, no matter where you are located in Calgary or what kind of environment you operate within.


Private security services come in many forms depending on your needs and budget – from unarmed guards to armed guards; mobile patrols to technology solutions; short-term contracts to long-term commitments; etc.; there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to protecting yourself or your property in Calgary but with so many options available it should be easy enough to find something that works best for you! We wish you luck with whatever type of private security service you choose for your particular situation!