security officer watching out for fires

Schools are some of the most sacred public spaces as both institutions of learning and places where many of our children spend the better part of their days. No one should disagree that keeping schools safe and secure is of the utmost importance, and Imperial Security is here to address that need. While our Canadian schools are generally safe places already, many could benefit from an additional security service or security guard on campus. As one of the country’s top security companies, Imperial Security is always eager to help increase school safety. Not every school needs security guard services or other additional security services, those that do will quickly discover why we are the best in the business.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are an easy and efficient security service that will exponentially increase the safety of your school. There are a variety of styles available, all of which will restrict who has access to the building. Within the school access control systems will help keep students out of restricted areas, but more important is the role these systems play on the outer entrances. By requiring fobs, biometrics, or keycards for access to the school building or property you can eliminate any concern of unwanted intruders.

Security Guard Services

If you feel the need to have a security guard on premises at your school, the team of professionals at Imperial Security is your best bet. The mere presence of a security guard on campus is often enough to deter any mischief by either students or unwelcome visitors, and if a problem were to arise it is always good to have a trained professional already on the scene. Certainly, not all schools need a security guard, but those that have them would likely attest to the added feeling of safety that they provide.

Security Cameras

While security guards can provide real-time safety to a school, security and surveillance cameras are a great tool to assess problems after they occur. Well placed closed-circuit television cameras will capture any issues to be reviewed later so that the proper disciplinary steps can be taken. Like security guards, the simple presence of cameras in your school can often be enough to prevent any unwanted behaviour from occurring.

Not all schools need help from security companies, but if you have even the slightest concern about the safety or security of your school is it really worth the risk?

If you would like to discuss options or are ready to increase the security at your school, look no further than Imperial Security.

Schools deserve to be the safest of sanctuaries for our students, and Imperial Security is here to help.