Does your Calgary business need concierge security service?

As one of the leading providers of security guard services in Calgary, Imperial Security knows the value of high-quality business security. Our Calgary security guards team is always eager to help improve the safety and security of local businesses in any way we can. While our mobile patrols and security technology are some of the best Calgary security guard services, concierge security services are just as valuable and often overlooked.

Add a Unique Skillset to your Team

Calgary security guards are highly trained in many unique skills that can help protect your business and improve the overall comfort and safety of your employees. A concierge security guard team can monitor and control access to different areas of your building, handle the challenges of unwelcome or unhappy visitors, deescalate all types of situations, and respond to both security and some medical emergencies. Our Calgary security guard services team is experienced in handling situations onsite while also initiating and managing more challenging emergencies by serving as incident commanders should something really go wrong.

Increase Professionalism through First Impressions

Just like with human to human interactions, a visitor’s first impression of a business carries a lot of weight. By simply adding a concierge security service to your business you can improve the sophistication and professionalism tenfold. While our security guard services will provide the best security around, their sheer presence at your business communicates to clientele that you take safety and professionalism seriously. Most businesses don’t need to address security threats that often, and that’s why security guards provide so much more than just an emergency response. Our security guard team will eagerly serve as warm and welcoming greeters, answer questions from visitors and support your front desk operations as needed – increasing your overall professionalism through a strong first impression.

Increase the Experience of your Staff

Your staff is undoubtedly highly qualified at what they do, but there is always room to improve the experience you have in your building. That’s where concierge security services come into play. Instead of handing security responsibilities over to someone internally, contract a team of professionals that have dedicated their entire life to helping improve the safety and security of companies across Canada. The more diverse and professional experience you have on-site, the better your business will operate as a whole!


Companies across Canada are always striving to improve the safety and security of their business, but many of these companies overlook the value add of a concierge security service. If your goal is to increase experience and professionalism while diversifying skills and security in your business, look no further than a concierge security service provided by Imperial Security. Give us a call to see how we can help your business specifically or to request a quote today – we’re always eager to help!