A few nights ago a handful of bikes were stolen from Bow Cycle. Usually, this would not be a big deal, but there is a lot of disappointment from the company.
Bow Cycle was in the process of repairing unwanted bicycles for Bike 4 Kids. Many have contributed their old or unused bikes for repair and donation. If a bike is not repairable, they are properly recycled eliminating the option of having them in the junkyard.
Though some bikes were stolen, the company remains undeterred as they continue their process for donations. They understand that maybe the thief needed a bike for themselves, but the company wants them to remember that the initiative was for the kids.
If you have any unwanted bicycles, they can be dropped off to Bow Cycle, 6501 Bowness Road Northwest, during the month of November. Your name will also be entered in a draw for a Bow Cycle gift card, worth $250, once you have donated a bike.

Source: calgary.ctvnews.ca