Loss Prevention

From homes and residential areas to businesses and commercial spaces, professional security guard companies are a guaranteed way to increase the safety and well being of your property and those that use it. While some areas demand more security guard services than others, everywhere can benefit from some level of security service. From hiring an expert security guard to incorporating additional technology, there are countless ways that security companies can help you. While the methods may change, below are six services that security companies provide.


Deter Vandalism

Vandalism is arguably the most accessible non-violent crime, and while it is easy to commit it can have detrimental effects on a business or home. The presence of security guards and other security services such as motion activated lights or cameras are a great way to deter vandalism on your property.


Increase Personal Safety

If the personal safety of your employees, residents, or family members is at all a concern security guard companies are an excellent way to increase personal safety. When you are operating in a dangerous neighborhood or children and other vulnerable populations are at risk, consider hiring professional security guard companies for added support.


Provide Law Enforcement Support

Police are busy and cannot always respond at the drop of a hat. By utilizing expert security teams, you are creating a presence that is often enough to deter crime from occurring in that neighborhood. While legal authority varies from place to place, the mere presence of private security firms is enough to deter crime and support local law enforcement professionals.


Create Jobs for Veterans

War veterans can be some of our most vulnerable populations, and it can be difficult for them to land back on their feet after combat. Because of their extensive training in the military veterans are natural fits in the private security sector which, in turn, can help them return to a normal life back at home.


Provide Jobs for the General Public

While perhaps intimidating to some, security companies provide excellent work opportunities for the general public as well. High level training is provided, and employees have regular opportunities to develop the necessary skills for success. Private security jobs are a great standalone career, and they can also be used as the perfect stepping stone toward a future in government and law enforcement.


Protect Assets

If your personal assets are of considerable value, there is no better way to increase their security than by hiring a private firm to aid in their protection. From adding technology to establishing a security detail, your assets will never be safer than after security companies provide their expertise and support.


The services that security companies provide are virtually endless, and if you are in a position to contract a security guard or implement security technology look no further than the best in the business at Imperial Security. Our passionate, experienced, and professional staff are always eager to help clients increase their safety and well being. We guarantee to provide the right tools and personnel for the job and are always looking for the next challenge. If an increased security detail is in your future give Imperial Security a call today.