Imperial Security knows the importance accurate, detailed incident reports make. This is why it equips all of its security guards a mobile device with an app for filing reports in the course of each shift. The apps provide independent verification of the date, time and location of the guard at the time the report is made, eliminating confusion that can creep in later. A location-tracking feature also confirms that guards performed patrols, confirming coverage of properties.

But what difference does all that information make? An incident report that provides the facts of a case is enough, isn’t it?

Unreliable witnesses
A news report is often called the first draft of history. A similar principle applies to a security guard’s notebook. By enabling guards to file incident reports on the spot, along with photos and other documentation, a mobile app provides the first raw data about incidents or potential security breaches.
Dash cams in mobile patrol vehicles perform a similar function, showing how incidents unfolded from the moment vehicles arrive on site.
The information provides a first-hand glimpse of an event before the memory starts playing tricks. While the account may be just one interpretation of events, it’s a starting point to resolving issues.

Avoiding confusion
By providing detailed notes in the course of a patrol, security guards can avoid the mistakes that come from waiting to file a report until they return to the main site office. By entering the information via an app, they also reduce the risks associated with transcribing notes from a book to an online file.
Moreover, the app records the time and place when notes were made. This helps avoid later confusion over when an incident occurred, details that can be critical if trespassers need to be prosecuted or questions arise regarding the accuracy of a report. The automatic log data reduces the risk that entries can be manipulated or otherwise adjusted to fit a narrative.

Confirmation of coverage
Finally, time and location information can confirm that level of security coverage in place. These details can give clients peace of mind that their interests are being protected. It can also confirm to insurers that measures are in place to prevent incidents. This can reduce insurance premiums prior to incidents taking place, and can confirm that appropriate precautions were taken prior to a loss occurring.
Should a security breach take place, knowing what kind of coverage was in place can help security companies determine what new measures could be implement to improve property security.
Continuous improvement is part of Imperial Security’s approach to protecting properties and the interests of its clients. Active in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton for more than 25 years, it has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of private security guard services.