The holidays, they say, are the most wonderful time of the year.
But when it comes to property crime, there’s a heightened risk that things could go very wrong. Weather, partying and grinches who see opportunities to infringe on other people’s peace could all be to blame. However, having a private security guard company on your side can ensure mischievous elves – or malicious trolls – are kept under control.

A key risk factor for many commercial properties is the seasonal change traffic patterns. Properties either become extra busy, as in the case of retail precincts, or time off from work means there are fewer people around the office or industrial site than there usually is. This is where many companies hire private security guards to provide an extra level of protection.

During the regular season, private security guards provide foot patrols, access control and loss prevention services that help property owners stay alert and respond quickly to risks. When the holidays hit, those services become even more important. Thieves find opportunities to do their work unnoticed, while strangers may try to access understaffed premises.

Weather can also cause problems. Power outages can shut down a building’s electronic security systems, requiring private security companies to provide a fire watch. Access control becomes important, ensuring that only authorized individuals access premises. Road conditions may also be a risk to corner properties, sending vehicles crashing into commercial properties (and, as too many holiday stories remind us, “alcohol may be a factor”).

Imperial Security is familiar with the risks, and its staff are prepared to respond. All foot patrols have mobile devices that promptly and efficiently record incident details, including time and location. Its mobile patrol vehicles have dashcams that record events as they unfold. Imperial Security guards are ready to assist, providing effective coverage. Its trained staff are on call to boost your coverage as circumstances require, ensuring the happiest of holidays for property owners.