An insurer expects that owners will take all reasonable means to ensure that properties are protected from hazards, and that includes fire. When a building is under construction, private security guards are among the ways that companies protect their interests. When construction completes, the building usually has a fire detection and suppression system in place that satisfies insurance requirements.

Cities where development has been going gangbusters have put property managers in a difficult position lately. Many property owners in Vancouver, for example, have finished buildings that have been approved for occupancy but sprinkler permits haven’t been issued. The smoke detectors might work, but without an approved fire suppression system a 24-hour fire watch has to be posted to fulfill the terms of insurance. It’s a classic case where technology is great, when it works – but humans can respond in real time.

This is where the fire watch services of Imperial Security play a role. Its trained private security guards know what to watch for, and can take appropriate measures if a fire breaks out. Reinforcing existing protection systems is what security guards know how to do, whether engaged in foot patrols for a single building or bike patrols across an entire campus. While fire and security systems may work fine under most circumstances, Imperial Security guards know what to do when they don’t.

A good fire watch program isn’t just about detecting and responding to the presence of fire. It involves perimeter security, preventing fires from starting. This may involve noting hazards, such as the accumulation of trash or hazardous materials, or preventing intruders from gaining access to spaces for shelter or with criminal intent.

Regardless of a property owner’s needs, Imperial Security will design a security program tailored to address the risks it faces. With more than 25 years’ experience protecting commercial properties in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, Imperial Security provides peace of mind.