A security guard is vigilant and strong. He is considered the protector of society, the people in it, and the people’s assets. But he often forgets to take care of and protect himself in the first place. Protecting security guards is equally important as a security guard protecting society.

Due to increased risk in life and assets in today’s world, security guard company Vancouver must ensure their safety. Here are some ways in which a security guard can protect himself in the first place:

Wearing A Protective And Comfortable Outfit

Security officers are always at some risk, Depending upon their task of the day where there patrolling and the rate of crime in that particular area. Security guards always face dangerous situations; they patrol alone sometimes. Hence, they must be wearing protective clothing. Also, a comfortable outfit is crucial so that they can move freely. A security guard’s uniform must not restrict their movement from running or walking with ease. Comfortable and durable footwear is also extremely crucial.

Get To Know Your Working Environment

A security guard needs to know every nook and corner of the place and area they are patrolling. They must have a clear knowledge of every route of the building and the neighborhood. This will help them become confident about the location and not get ambushed or harmed. They must also note every door, window, lighting, and even broken locks or gaps in the fencing for a better grasp of the assigned location.

Changing Of Route Frequently

Usually, the assigned route of the security guard for patrolling is regular and the same. Criminal activity may happen if someone starts following the security guard on the same route and attacks him. Varying your route is crucial and is a good way to decoy your enemies. It is crucial to be unpredictable and difficult to be expected if you can vary your arrival and departure time, which is very much recommended.

Double-Check Your Patrol Cars

It is very vital to double-check your patrol cars every single time you board them. To double-check, you must look for fluid leaks, check the tires and brake light functions, and ensure that the headlights are functioning properly. The basic job of mobile petrol is to respond to incidents quickly. Your ability to visit the site quickly can be hindered due to a malfunctioning vehicle. This can be riskier for the people you were trying to protect because delay can result in a difficult situation and loss of lives.

Make It Your Motto-Be prepared

A security guard must always keep the worst-case scenario in mind and be prepared for that. Every crisis can be rare and different from each other. The security guard is expected to manage the situation by following procedures and protocols to protect the citizens. Being prepared is the first and foremost thing required for a security guard. By being prepared, he can not only save society and people but also be aware and alert all the time and save himself from any situation.

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