We are in unprecedented times and navigating uncharted waters in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtually every industry has had to find ways to adapt in order to continue operating while the virus is still afoot, and the security guard industry is no different.

While things have certainly changed, one fact has remained the same. The security guards at Imperial Security, and all of our security guard services, are still here to guarantee the ultimate safety and comfort when it comes to securing your commercial property.

Below are a few ways how Covid-19 has changed the security guard industry and how Imperial Security has been able to deal with those changes.

Keeping Security Guards (and You) Safe

Like any other industry, security guards at Imperial Security have adopted the recommended measures to keep both themselves and their clients safe. Guards are wearing masks, using gloves and hand sanitizer when necessary, and maintaining safe social distance whenever possible. In the face of security threats, however, our security guards will still respond in an appropriate manner. That may mean compromising on some of the ideal Covid-19 protocols, but know that the safety and security of you and your property are always our top priority.

Uninterrupted Security Guard Services

One of the biggest structural changes to the security guard industry is reworking our systems to ensure we can continue providing uninterrupted security in the face of a pandemic. At Imperial Security, we have plans and protocols in place to guarantee that your hired services will not be interrupted should one of our guards get sick. We have staff in place and are prepared to pay overtime in order to maintain continuity with the security you have come to rely on in normal years.

A Change in Operational Need

As a whole, the security industry has seen a shift in operational needs as some businesses stop operating and others are seeing an uptick in visitor numbers. Some of the latter – healthcare, grocery stores, etc. – need an added security presence and that often falls into the lap of private security companies.

While Imperial Security is eager to help wherever we can, we will never compromise the security efforts being provided to existing customers. Further, if you have a security need, we are always willing to listen and help address it as best we can. While the pandemic is certainly adding challenges, Imperial Security is ready to tackle them.

Our Expert Security Guards are Always Here For You.

Like all industries, Covid-19 has created some challenges and changes in the world of commercial security. Thankfully, with decades of experience, the experts at Imperial Security have been able to take it all in stride.

Whether you are an existing customer with questions about how your services may be impacted or you are a potential new customer curious about how we can help, give Imperial Security a call today.