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Here in Vancouver, we are on the footsteps of winter, and with it comes a slew of challenges that are generally not on the radar during the summer months.

Office security and workplace security are of the utmost importance during the wintertime. Every facet of life becomes a little more challenging and demanding as days get shorter, temperatures get colder, and snow begins to accumulate.

As you consider hiring a commercial security guard or workplace security services for the upcoming winter season, look no further than Imperial Security. With decades of experience, the Imperial team is the best in the business.

If securing your office building this winter is on your to-do list, we have you covered. Here are a few office security concerns to be aware of this winter season.

Shorter Days Means More Darkness

As the days shorten, we collectively spend more time in the dark. No matter the season, potential troublemakers always prefer to work under cover of darkness.

A commercial security guard from Imperial Security can help ensure your office building is taken care of throughout the dark winter hours.

Further, our trained professionals can help identify areas that could benefit from additional lighting and help recommend technology – such as motion-detecting lights – to improve your overall workplace security.

Power Outages

While not a frequent occurrence, power outages certainly happen more in the wintertime than in the summer due to the added stress provided by excessive wind, snow, and ice.

Backup generators can be a great tool to maintain operation through power outages, and onsite commercial security guards and help address any safety and security issues that could occur while the power is out.

Our thoroughly trained professionals are experts in identifying and preventing crime, but they are also well equipped to help maintain calm during a jarring event such as a power outage.

Having an Imperial Security professional on your team when the power goes out will allow you to focus on the business while our representative focuses on solving the problem at hand.

Snow and Ice

One of the biggest challenges of winter is the accumulation of snow and ice. It certainly plays a role in the safety and security of your staff and visitors. Like it or not, it is your responsibility to keep your parking lots and walkways clear, but slips and falls are borderline unavoidable in the wintertime.

Thankfully, with an Imperial Security representative on-site, you have a first responder at your disposal. Should someone get hurt by falling on snow or ice, your hired security guard can help stabilize the situation until definitive care is available.

Benefit From Our Commercial Security Guards

Winter is almost here, and now is the time to start thinking about how to secure your office building for the months ahead. If you could benefit from commercial security, why not hire the best team in the industry? Give the representatives at Imperial Security a call today and discover how we can help you ensure a safe workplace this winter.