Securing Your Business for Over 30 Years

Imperial Security Group ranks among the top private security companies in Western Canada. Since its beginnings in 1993, it has developed a reputation for unparalleled client service, accountable management and innovative technology that meets the security needs of a wide range of sectors, from residential and commercial to institutional and government.

Imperial Security’s growth is the result of hiring professionally accredited private security guards and a commitment to long-time relationships with clients built on a shared vision of “one team, one mission.”

Working closely with clients, we listen to needs, assess what’s needed to address them and develop a security plan that ensures the health, safety and security of our clients. Simply put, your business is our business.

Our accredited private security guards are on the front lines, providing 24-hour foot patrols as well as monitoring premises by vehicle and bicycle. Imperial Security was one of the first firms in Western Canada to implement real-time GPS tracking of foot and mobile patrols. With the help of industry-leading technology, guards provide detailed reports that allow Imperial Security to continually improve service to clients. When a technology isn’t available to address a need, we worked with specialists to research and develop software and devices to fill the gap.

Imperial Security is also one of the first private security companies in Western Canada to implement tracking systems that provide enhanced reports and ensure we are accountable to our clients:

  • Guard Tracking Technology
  • Electronic PDF reports with photo evidence
  • Real Time GPS vehicle tracking
  • Dash-cam verification