When it comes to property security, change takes many forms. There is the daily change in traffic – the kinds of people, vehicles and goods coming to a property. There are also the changes that come in how people access your property, for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons.

Being able to recognize and respond to shifts that could increase risks to your property, people and business is important. An experienced private security company can help assess security risks, and identify emerging threats.


History of innovation

This is where Imperial Security can play a role. With more than 25 years of experience, Imperial Security has established itself as an innovative and trusted provider of private security services in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Since its start in 1993, it has embraced technology, even establishing a division dedicated to tailoring solutions to the needs of its clients.

It was an early adopter of GPS technology, becoming one of the first private security firms in Western Canada to track use the satellite-based system to track and dispatch its fleet of mobile patrol vehicles. This resulted in faster response times, and better apprehension and recovery rates for clients.

It also embraced mobile technology and smart phones, developing a secure reporting app for its foot patrols that allowed real-time reporting that logged time and location that kept guards accountable. Continuous improvement in security protocols and peace of mind for clients are among the benefits.


Facing emerging threats

Many of Imperial Security’s foot patrols have long histories with the properties they protect. This gives them the familiarity needed to identify changes in visitors, and spot emerging threats. Regular consultations with clients allow this knowledge to shape and revise property security programs to ensure effective protection.

A commitment to ongoing innovation means that Imperial Security can harness new technologies for the benefit of clients. Property security is no longer just a question of physical intruders, but digital ones. While foot patrols remain the core of Imperial Security’s business, they’re even more important as a complement to digital surveillance technology that can be tampered with, hacked, or otherwise compromised.

Imperial Security’s security guards are trained in government-accredited courses and meet the highest standards of service. They’re the eyes on the streets surrounding the businesses they protect, allowing clients function confident that the health and security of their people and property is in good hands.