A six-year-old boy, Angus Selman, in Pitt Meadows was excited to open his new board game from Value Village. Upon opening the game, he and his friend discovered two tubes of glue and a used needle with the game board pieces.
After Angus’s discovery, he ran to his parents to explain what he and his friend had just found. His parents could not believe that they had found a needle in a kid’s board game.
Luckily the two boys were not poked by the needle, but this does not make the situation any lighter. Had they touched the needle, the boys would’ve spent the night at the hospital running tests.
Value Village had called the parents and offered them 50 percent off their next purchase, but this felt like more of a sales pitch than an apology. Both parents state that they will have a hard time shopping at Value Village again.

Source: bc.ctvnews.ca