Officials from Vancouver National Airport are giving tips for passengers if they’d like to breeze through security.
It’s YVR’s busiest time of the year, so they know what they’re doing when they’re trying to give you advice.
Here’s some advice they’d like for the public to follow:

  1. Check your flight status prior to leaving
  2. Print out your boarding passes at home
  3. Book parking earlier than later or last minute OR try taking transit
  4. Leave home early for your flight in case of any hold ups
  5. Plan your trip and your packing smart

Some changes have been made since our legalization of marijuana. Passengers are now allowed to travel with 30 grams of recreational cannabis in their carry-on. Though this is allowed through our borders, please be wary as they may not be allowed through international borders.
Here are a few items found recently to remind you what types of things you are not allowed to travel with:

  • maple syrup (half a liter)
  • A clock that resembles a saw blade
  • pretend guns
  • slow globes (too much liquid in the globe)
  • bath salts

They do sound like regular items, but they were asked to be left behind while boarding.
Transport Security Administration, who are South of the border, had something to say about what they had found.