Two sectors have always been trusted with providing security to people – Governments, with its police force and military establishments and Private security firms. The growth of private security providers worldwide has been noticeable. In Canada as well, the Government doesn’t have an exact idea as to how many private guards are employed or how much money the private security firms make. However, one thing is sure, that crime has been significantly been controlled and a lot of credit goes to the private security firms. From monotonous tasks like guarding grocery stores to making advanced tools easily available for Special Forces and crime prevention, private security has started to provide a multitude of services. Edmonton based Security Companies have been involved in providing such security services to industries and residential areas.

Why Hire Private Security?

Private security differs from the public police force in a lot of ways. Private firms work for the clients that pay them for their services. Their jurisdiction is limited to the client’s property and interests of the client.

  • While police has a greater jurisdiction and power, they are usually burdened and thus may not provide exclusive services like private security. For instance, while the police are generally responsible for ensuring the safety of people, it wouldn’t be fair to expect them to install and maintain security devices on your private land or deploy a security guard on your doorstep at all times. Nor would it be sensible to expect them to investigate your partners’ infidelity. For these purposes, private security firms exist to provide exclusive services that the police are not freeto provide.
  • The private security officers are also trained in ways to deal with specific issues, like maintaining decorum in a mall, or shoplifting or personal check at the entry of a residential or commercial complex.
  • These investigators and guards are given a licence to practice after going through rigorous testing and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. It is not easy to trust someone with your safety and hence all precautions have to be taken.

Edmonton’s Security Company has a fleet of experienced and trustable security officers for all your needs.

How to Choose the Right Private Security Firm?

Hiring a security company can be a hassle when there are so many to pick from and you do not know what to check for. There are certain criteria that a private security firm must meet before you hire them.

  • Make sure that the firm and the individual officer meet all licensing and regulatory requirements. If they do not, you might end in a lot of trouble if anything goes wrong.
  • Also ensure that they wear uniforms and all their vehicles are marked. This might seem silly, but company logo on their clothes and vehicles ensure that an outsider doesn’t enter your premises in the name of the security company.
  • It would also be sensible to check how and on what parameters they are trained. Any private security guard undergoes some basic training. Knowing this will help you assess their ability to perform on the field.
  • And of course, watch your budget. There are different services offered by different private security firms in Canada and the price varies accordingly.

To make sure you get the best private security service for the best price in the Edmonton region, contact us today and get an estimate of  your required services.