Plenty of high-tech gadgets promise to keep properties secure. Closed-circuit cameras, passcards, fobs and other means of access control are all helpful tools. There’s no replacement for the human presence, however, especially when it comes to analyzing behaviour and guessing intentions.

Taking notice

During a recent hospitality industry conference, one British Columbia motel owner described how her staff intervened in a case of human trafficking. Vehicles had to pass the motel office to reach rooms. The result was that staff noticed an above-average number of visitors to a particular room. Housekeeping staff made further observations that led to authorities being called.

The principle of “eyes on the street” has helped create safe urban environments in cities like Vancouver. The same principle can help protect hotels, retail premises and other commercial properties. With an emphasis on foot patrols, Imperial Security enjoys a trusted reputation in Western Canada. It has more than 25 years’ experience providing eyes on the street, keeping businesses and their patrons safe.

Accredited training

Imperial Security guards have all completed government-accredited training courses. They know what to watch for and to assess threats. All guards, both those performing foot patrols as well as bike and mobile patrols, are equipped with mobile devices that allow them to log real-time notes, each identified by the exact time and location where it was made.

Vehicles used in mobile patrols provide a highly visible presence that helps discourage trespassers and prevent crime. Imperial Security guards not only provide eyes on the street, but a visible presence that those up to no good can’t help but see. Its private security guards provide a good defense that puts trespassers on the defensive, too.

Imperial Security provides security services to several key business sectors in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Better yet, if you require coverage it doesn’t provide, it can develop a program to suit your needs.