All properties have weak spots. Any structure with a door can be entered, but not everyone who can enter the door should. And even if they’re allowed to enter, there may be times when access is limited.

The risks to properties multiply as additional doors are added, not to mention windows. Surround the property with a fence or hedge, and the risks increase. A fence can be a way of boosting security, or an invitation for people to break through. A hedge can hide trespassers and people who may want to harm your employees.

Know your risks
While environmental modifications can address some of security risks associated with a particular property, it’s important to assess what those areas of greatest risk are. Imperial Security is a leader among security guard companies, with more than 25 years’ experience in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Its expertise can help you review and gauge the specific threats to your property.
One key risk factor is lighting. Are doors and walkways well-lit, so people can see whether they’re going? This can limit the risk of personal injury and create a more comfortable environment when opening doors. Clearing vegetation can also enhance the lighting, reduce shadows and limit hiding spots.

Hidden risks
Some areas may be hidden from direct view. While lighting can brighten them, restricting access may be the best way to reduce risk. This is particularly true of alcoves along the sides of buildings, sheltered loading areas and service entrances. A secure gate or other barrier can discourage access, and also limit the accumulation of trash and other debris that can pose a fire hazard.

Timing is key
Many buildings have entrances that operate via fobs or sensors. This is particularly true of parkades. While foot patrols and bike patrols by a security guard can monitor entrances, the length of time a gate is open can be optimized. It should be open long enough for a vehicle to enter, but not so long that it creates an opportunity for intruders.
Developing a security plan that meets your needs is among the services Imperial Security provides. Its trained and experienced private security guards will work with you to ensure the security of your property.