Spring officially begins on March 20, and while it might not look like it in Calgary and Edmonton, it’s very likely to be a different story in Vancouver.

The new season brings fresh security concerns. While winter brings ice that makes properties dangerous to occupants and cold temperatures that attract people seeking night-time shelter to doorways or loading areas, spring has its own risks.

Debris can be a fire hazard

Most modern buildings lack spacing between them, but gaps do exist between older structures that don’t stand flush against one another. These gaps can attract debris, such as paper scraps, coffee cups and plastic packing materials. Most of these items are good for starting fires.

Trained private security guards should be on the lookout for these risks, even if they haven’t been asked to provide fire watch services. They should keep an eye on such areas with a view to discouraging littering and reducing the risk of arson.

By flagging this property risks, security guards can improve property appearance and ensure its ongoing protection.


Let the sunshine in

Warmer weather can result in renewed enthusiasm for fresh air. Staff in many businesses may want windows open and the front desk may even open the door to appear welcoming, especially after being cooped up all winter.

However, open doors are a security risk because thieves as well as legitimate staff may try to slip in. Security guards can provide access control to ensure that only authorized people gain admittance. At the very least, security guards should be aware of which entrances are open so that foot patrols can concentrate their efforts on these areas.


Spring in their step

While many businesses will want to let fresh air in, many companies will see staff leave the office for lunch and breaks. Access control is an important service that private security guard companies can provide to help safeguard properties from increased comings and goings.

Staff won’t be the only people getting outside more. Many industrial areas have trails adjacent to them that attract runners and cyclists. While most are enjoying the outdoors, security guards can monitor activities in the neighbourhood to ensure that interlopers don’t gain access to sensitive areas.

No matter the season, private security guard companies such as Imperial Security can handle the range of threats properties face. Trained guards can conduct threat analyses that improve protection for the health, safety and well-being of staff and businesses..