ICBC is urging motorists to help prevent auto crime this holiday season by keeping your vehicle safe from break-ins and thefts. Thieves will go for anything they may see in a vehicle – even empty plastic bags. That’s why it’s important to leave your vehicle clean and empty.

Here are ICBC’s top five vehicle break-in prevention tips:

  • Keep valuables, gifts and parcels out of sight in the trunk and don’t leave them in the vehicle for long periods of time. Even items such as change and pop cans can tempt thieves.

  • While shopping, try not to unload gifts in your vehicle and then leave it unattended in the same parking spot.

  • Park in well-lit areas and use parking lots frequented by others.

  • Always lock your doors and close your windows, even if you’re away from your vehicle for just a minute.

  • Keep your keys secure at all times. Don’t leave your keys unguarded — even at a restaurant or the gym. Treat your keys like cash.


In 2015, 9,200* vehicle break-ins across the province were reported to ICBC.

  • 7,500 vehicle break-ins were reported in the Lower Mainland
  • 400 vehicle break-ins were reported on Vancouver Island
  • 690 vehicle break-ins were reported in the Southern Interior
  • 210 vehicle break-ins were reported in the North Central region

The average cost of a vehicle break-in claim reported to ICBC is approximately $1,100.

*440 vehicle break-in claims reported to ICBC in 2015 didn’t have a specific regional location.

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