Popular demand for a public holiday to break up the winter months has led five provinces, including B.C. and Alberta, to designate a Family Day holiday in February. Throw in Valentine’s Day, and everyone has someone to look out for.

Protecting people and property has been a mission for Imperial Security since its start more than 25 years ago. An important part of what private security guard companies do is preventing access by troublemakers. Statistics Canada indicates that up to a fifth of workers experience workplace harassment or violence, and half of these incidents are related to visitors. Unwanted encounters can stem from the business itself, disputes outside of work or broken family relationships.

How can a private security firm help? Security guards are trained to observe. Detailed notes on visitors can be logged digitally, providing an accurate record for clients independent of sign-in sheets and other documentation.

However, services such as access control, lock-unlock and staff escorts can protect employees and visitors against personal threats.

Access control

While security cameras and fobs can help control access, trained private security guards can assess visitors to a property in real time. The face-to-face engagement is an important part of effective access control. Anyone can use a fob, but not everyone will pass an identification check. Being able to engage with visitors and verify their reason for visiting reduces the risk of a security breach.

Lock-unlock services

Checking a property to make sure everyone has left can place employees at unnecessary risk. Setting a security alarm at the door is also a sign that an employee is the one thing standing between an intruder and access to a property.

Imperial Security offers lock-unlock services to give employers and their staff peace of mind. The service makes sure properties are empty when it’s time to close up, and that all is well when it’s time to open. They’re able to provide an official presence that lets potential intruders know a property’s security is in professional hands.

Staff escorts

We’re all vulnerable to attack when alone. Imperial Security’s courteous and professional guards provide staff escorts. This may mean walking employees to a waiting vehicle or across a campus of properties. An escort can be critical for employees who face personal risks, giving them peace of mind.

Protecting workers from danger is critical to retaining employees and increasing workplace satisfaction. Imperial Security has staff trained to protect the health, safety and security of people and property in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.