Richmond Mounties are issuing a warning after a lotto scam that happened back in September.
Another day, another scam, as Mounties in Richmond are putting out an alert about a swindle involving a so-called winning lottery ticket.
On Sept. 26, 2017, RCMP was called out to an area near Richmond Centre about a fraud.
The victim was approached by a man who said he couldn’t cash in his winning lotto ticket because they were in the country illegally and offered to sell the ticket to the victim.

 A second man approached, pretending not to know the first suspect, and said he’d be willing to help the victim withdraw money to pay for the ticket to complete the sale.

The first suspect is a male in his 50’s, with short, white hair, and spoke English poorly.
The second suspect is also a male in his 50’s, with short black hair, and spoke English well.
The two suspects are believed to have been working with a woman.
“We feel the suspects may have committed similar frauds in the past,” says Cpl. Marco Sallinen of the Richmond RCMP Economic Crimes Unit. “Please be cautious if anyone ever attempts to offer or sell you something of great value for a seemingly incredible. When possible, have the item independently examined or tested, and consider involving legal counsel to complete the transaction.”
Anyone with information should contact Mounties or Crime Stoppers.
Post Source: Global BC