Remote video monitoring services

Remote video monitoring has made life easier and more vigilant for thousands of people. Previously, you needed to stay glued to the computer screen or hire security personnel to keep your private spaces safe. But with remote video monitoring technology, you can easily keep a check on these spaces. It is a powerful tool that provides real-time surveillance and response to potential security threats. This post is the ultimate guide for you if you are new to the world of remote video monitoring services.

Purpose of Remote Video Monitoring

Pairing camera surveillance with a remote guarding facility can give you the perfect recipe for ultimate security protocol and safety. Remote video monitoring services allow you to view your premises through live footage with automated detection installed with an internet connection on your device. This will enable you to monitor real-time activities on your business grounds, residential spaces, and multiple locations at the same time. This saves you much time, effort, and money and also prevents any malicious activities by giving direct alerts on your personal device.

How Does Remote Video Monitoring Make You Safe?

A remote video monitoring system carefully analyzes the movements at the location and sends you alerts while also turning the alarms to call the cops. The cameras are installed so that the whole property can be viewed without any blind spots, and they are connected to the internet to produce live footage. All the live feeds and recordings are sent to your device while the data is stored in storage clouds.

Suppose it detects any unfamiliar activities on the site. In that case, it automatically sends you a notification regarding the same and also takes a confirmation whether it can be sent to the dispatch team or not. The system will also sound a blazing alarm for the culprit. You need to verify if this motion is under your surveillance or if it is a real threat. After your decision, a team is sent over, or the cops are alerted to reach the location while also recording the activity. After the procedure is followed, you can be assured that your business material, personal belongings and infrastructure are not stolen, damaged or corrupted.

Where Can a Remote Video Monitoring System be Used?

  • Office or workplace security: You can stay ahead of your game and ensure all employees are working proficiently and following all safety protocols. Remote monitoring systems can be used to monitor factories, hospitals, multiple plant sites, schools or colleges, restaurants, and other places.
  • Home and personal properties: With a top-quality monitoring system installed, your family can never be in danger, even when you aren’t at home. It is a perfect solution for home and personal problems.
  • Public places: Many crimes take place in public places, such as streets, malls, parks, metro stations, and religious sites. The culprits in these spaces often escape without getting attention due to the large crowd.

Key Features of Remote Video Monitoring System

  • The cameras run 24/7 along with a virtual monitoring team that prevents intruders from getting away without any action being taken.
  • Only you can decide who gets access to the video streams and who can collect data. No third-party apps or hackers can access this highly encrypted system.
  • It can immediately spot unusual activity, even in total darkness.

To Conclude

Hope this guide has made you more aware of the remote video monitoring systems. So whether you want to keep an eye on your nanny at home or ensure that no shoplifters or burglars enter your business premises, remote video monitoring can be your perfect solution.