The recent assault of a Victoria hotel worker underscores the need for security plans that protect both property and people.

This concept isn’t new to Imperial Security. With more than 25 years’ experience in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Imperial Security works with clients to protect the health, safety and security of both people and property.

Protecting people

While most companies focus on protecting the assets they own, including buildings, equipment and inventory, WorkSafeBC also requires them to protect their most important asset of all – workers. Workers need to be trained to recognize risks in their work, but a recent reminder from WorkSafeBC tells employers that they’re responsible for providing safe working conditions. This includes protecting workers who work alone.

Providing a secure environment is what private security guard companies specialize in. A security plan that protects property can also protect the people working at those properties.

Boosting worker safety

During regular working hours, private security guards can provide foot patrols and bike patrols. These patrols monitor and engage with visitors to identify potential threats. This work continues outside of regular hours. Properties where staff have discretion over working hours and 24-7 access are particularly vulnerable.

Hotels are a good example. They’re places where strangers are welcome but late-night staff often work alone. Professional offices, where key staff work late to meet deadlines are another example. Sometimes, late hours mean workers must leave properties alone. Companies are responsible for workers when they’re on their premises.

Private security guards can provide access control services that log entry and exit times for visitors, and prevent potential threats from accessing buildings. Should visitors need to see specific staff, security guards can ensure appropriate protocols are followed. This may include approving visitors with the staff member, or escorting visitors to the staff member.

Similarly, when workers want to leave, security guards can escort staff to their vehicles or other form of transportation.

Develop protocols

Private security guard companies like Imperial Security have the expertise and tools needed to reduce the risks your property and people face. According to WorkSafeBC, employers must identify, eliminate or at least reduce the hazards to staff members working alone. “You’re required to develop working alone policies and procedures, including a system to check the well-being of workers at predetermined intervals,” it states.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Imperial Security is a trusted partner in creating a safe environment. Your security is our business.