Private security guard companies aren’t just in the business of protecting property. They’re also in the people business, because good interpersonal skills are essential to defusing many common security concerns. A good security guard makes the people being protected feel comfortable, while the troublemakers feel out of place.

A common tip in businesses that demand soft skills and a high level of personal integrity is, “Hire the person, not the position.” When selecting security guards for the properties we protect in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Imperial Security hires only guards who have completed training through a government-accredited course. But we also look for a number of other characteristics.

The three Ds
Three qualities set the best security guards apart from the crowd: the traits of being dependable, diligent and dynamic. Security guard companies and their clients need guards they can depend on to show up, complete their duties and respond to dynamic situations as they evolve.

Dependable service
A dependable guard should be able to demonstrate a history of regular service, either in previous security roles or, if a new guard, in previous jobs whether paid or volunteer. A track record of long-term employment can also point to a guard who will be a good, long-term hire who will get to know clients and work with them to enhance their security arrangements.

Diligent reporting
A diligent guard will file regular, detailed reports. Imperial Security makes this easy with the use of an app designed for the purpose, which every one of its security guards have on their mobile device. The app allows for real-time reporting, with verification of the time, date and location when reports were made. Guards who are diligent and dependable can make or break a security plan, not to mention a company’s reputation.

Dynamic responses
Dynamic situations call for dynamic guards. While services such as fire watch and access control may be relatively simple, foot patrols can lead to more difficult situations. Being able to engage people in a keen but non-confrontational manner is key to the safety of guards and comfort of others. Knowing when to de-escalate situations or take more aggressive action helps a guard be an effective and trusted presence.

Clear communication
Good communication skills are key to both engaging with others, and filing useful reports. Security guards who are well-spoken make a good impression, while those who file reports in a simple, clear manner make it easier for clients to understand what happened in a given situation. By presenting the most relevant details about an incident, clients may also gain insights into how to improve property security in the future.

Satisfied clients
Finally, security guards should be able to understand the client’s needs. Protecting property isn’t just about what you do, it’s how safe people feel. Knowing what the client wants is key to meeting and exceeding expectations.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Imperial Security has developed a reputation as a trusted provider of security guard services. We know what clients want; after all, your security is our business.