Proper security is critical to maintaining a safe environment for your business. The health and safety of staff and visitors, and the integrity of your operations depends on it. Security is much more than hiring qualified private security guard companies to do the job. It requires knowing the specific needs of the property, and having a plan that will address them.

Wide range of options
Imperial Security places several resources at the disposal of its clients, including foot patrols, bike patrols and mobile patrols. It offers access control, lock/unlock services and fire watch. But not all services are needed at all times by all clients.
A small company with a single property, for example, may require only a foot patrol at certain hours of the day. A mid-size company with a yard for deliveries or storage may require a security guard able to provide access control. A large organization with several buildings may require bike patrols. Some companies may start off small, but then grow and require several services.

Security needs change
Security needs also change under certain conditions. For example, a security guard may provide access control or loss prevention services for a company. However, the temporary absence of a key team member may mean lock/unlock services are required. The breakdown of a building’s fire detection system may require the posting of a fire watch. Knowing what your options are before needs arise provides peace of mind.
Alternatively, a security breach may trigger the reassessment of existing security arrangements. Perhaps foot patrols need to be brought in for the first time. Or perhaps an existing patrol needs to beef up surveillance of a specific area of concern.

Plan for security
Developing a security plan that reflects your company’s evolving needs is part of business planning. Imperial Security can help you identify key areas of risk, and develop a security plan tailored to address them. With the assistance of regular, detailed reports from its guards, it can also assess the success of those plans and identify areas of concern.
Whether you’re reviewing an existing plan or drafting one from scratch, Imperial Security can help. With more than 25 years’ experience in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, your security is our business.