Restrictions designed to fight COVID-19 have not reduced the need for property security.

By now, most of us are familiar with the need keep our distance from others. Many stores use floor markings to remind customers to keep six feet apart. Private security guards have become team members, enforcing the rules so stores meet their legal obligations under public health rules. Customers also need to feel safe.

Security companies provide access control, making sure customers respect the tough new occupancy limits many stores have adopted. This helps customers keep their distance from each other and store staff.

Break-and-enters are up

With businesses closed for an indeterminate length of time, property security is more important than ever. The Vancouver Police Department has arrested and charged 40 individuals over the past month in relation to commercial break-and-enters. Police recommend businesses step up monitoring and preventative measures while restrictions on commercial activities remain in place.

Restaurants, bars and salons in particular need to be monitored to make sure that trespass, burglaries and damage are addressed immediately. Securing a property is important for insurance purposes. It’s also common sense.

Security needs a strategy

Business owners can’t just close a property and ignore it. Keeping it in good condition is the first step towards being able to reopen. Regular inspections prevent minor issues such as pinhole leaks in pipes becoming large problems, and this saves money.

With more than 25 years of experience working with property owners in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, Imperial Security is equipped to develop security plans tailored to individual businesses. Two key strategies for maintaining security during periods of reduced activity focus on boosting monitoring and environmental measures.

Remove temptations

Regular foot patrols and in-person inspection of properties can improve monitoring in tandem with security cameras and other technologies. Imperial Security’s trained staff provide patrols on foot, bike or mobile patrols across a campus of properties. Daily reports provide regular updates and accountability for business owners.

Common environmental measures include removing temptations to thieves, such as placing merchandise out of sight or using shutters to prevent people from seeing what’s inside. Outdoor lighting eliminates shadows, leaving nowhere to hide. It also exposes trespassers to observation by passersby.

To determine how to best protect your businesses, contact Imperial Security. Our staff will develop a plan to safeguard your business now and in the future.