The winter of 2020 is in full swing, with frigid temperatures across British Columbia and the Prairies. Snow has hit property owners in Vancouver. The windchill factor in Calgary and Edmonton has sent people scrambling indoors. Imperial Security’s trained security guards have had to bundle up, too, while conducting the foot patrols that keep properties safe.

Winter temperatures present several risks to property owners. Trespass leads the list as people seek shelter and warmth. To keep warm, trespassers may also light small fires. This can easily become a major threat if wind fans the flames into something larger or the coals aren’t stamped out. There are also non-human threats to property, such as broken windows, frozen pipes and collapsed structures.

Addressing trespass

Trespass may be the most common risk people associate with winter weather. Most of us are concerned about the less fortunate, and everyone wants to see people in proper housing. This usually means somewhere other than our doorstep or loading dock.

Private security guard companies like Imperial Security employ trained security guards holding certificates from government-accredited training programs. They’re able to assess threat levels, intervening where necessary to assist those who are simply seeking shelter and taking stronger measures to protect properties from those who pose a risk. Regular patrols, whether on foot or bike, keeps eyes open to who’s on your property and an immediate response to emerging threats.

Avoiding fire

Open fire is a key threat to property, particularly abandoned or dilapidated buildings. Securing entrances and controlling access to outlying buildings such as storage sheds and detached garages is important to reducing the chance of fires being set. A foot patrol can inspect structures, making sure locks are intact and that entrances are secure.

Removing debris is also important, because it takes away potential fire fuel. Spaces between buildings should be kept clear and free of debris, and blocked if possible to prevent the accumulation of matter. The same applies for the entire perimeter of the building, which should be well-lit to make it less convenient for squatters and fires.

Preventing damage

Regular foot patrols can also make sure the physical fabric of a building remains intact during periods of severe weather. Since snow sticks around, it poses a particular threat. An accumulation of wet snow on a roof can lead to a collapse. Runoff can form icicles that eventually snap and break windows. Snow can also slip off roofs and canopies in sheets, posing a risk to people and property below.

Security guards can watch for weather-related damage. Patrols within a building can also make sure pipes haven’t frozen. Burst pipes are messy and costly to repair. The resulting claim will also boost your insurance premiums.

With more than 25 years experience, Imperial Security has become a trusted partner of property owners in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Its security guards can address your needs regardless of the season, employing state-of-the-art technology that keeps you informed and protected.