The scenes of massive demonstrations on the streets of Hong Kong this summer have been stunning. But in recent weeks, some of the protests have taken a violent turn. Others have caused disruption to travellers and normal business activities.

Civil disobedience on a similar scale is rare in Canada. The closest we’ve come in recent years are the riots in Vancouver at the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2011 and in Edmonton back in 2006. When people gather, it’s for parades and celebrations like the annual fireworks display that draws tens of thousands of people to the shores of Vancouver’s downtown each summer.

Preventing disorder

People gather in large numbers for several reasons. Cities are places of celebration, and business owners benefit come to spend money. But large numbers of people also bring the risk of disorder. This is where private security guard companies play an important role.

A properly trained security guard is the first line of defense against crowds. A security guard is a physical presence that can engage with people and control access to a property. Foot patrols can monitor a property to prevent damage and trespass. Imperial Security guards, for example, file regular reports via a mobile app that ensures real-time updates on activities.

Rapid response

The presence of private security guards at a property also ensures a faster response when problems arise. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, private security guards gave directions and connected people with first aid. A year later, security guards were the first to engage when crowds began smashing windows after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

When civil unrest escalates, foot patrols are able to monitor and take notes on events. By collecting photo and video evidence and offering first-hand accounts of what happened, security guards are valuable witnesses. This evidence can result on a faster resolution of insurance claims and court cases.

Trusted protection

Imperial Security has more than 25 years’ experience developing proven security plans for clients. Whether your needs are short-term or long-term or short-term, join companies in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary who trust Imperial Security to protect their interests. Securing your property is always a special event for Imperial Security.