An antique store had earrings stolen from the shop, but their state of the art surveillance cameras and friendly neighborhood may be able to help them catch the suspects.
The suspects were two males in their late 20’s or early 30’s. One of the males had tried to purchase a box of items when his credit card got declined. Upon realizing that a pair of earrings were missing, the owner looked back through her cameras and pin pointed the two suspects.
The owner of the shop stated that last year her business was robbed $6000 worth of items. While it is difficult to run a shop and to avoid theft, they try their best to keep things under control by having quality surveillance cameras installed in their shop.
Most of the loss occurs during the holiday season.
After finding out about the lost earrings, she posted pictures from the surveillance video onto social media asking the public to give them information if they knew any of the alleged suspects.
Responses from the public came immediately. Many people and local shops sent the owner information including vehicles the suspects drove and their plate numbers. All this information has been forwarded to the police for further investigation and action.
Please watch this video to see the suspects.