Home for the holidays! Stolen dog returned to owners

Though Christmas is a time of giving, there are some people in the world that get more greedy during the holiday season. A week before Christmas, Milo, a young Havanese was stolen from his northwest Edmonton home. Videos show that a woman was leaving the house with the sweet puppy in her arms. Security guards […]

Hot markets boost fire watch requirements

An insurer expects that owners will take all reasonable means to ensure that properties are protected from hazards, and that includes fire. When a building is under construction, private security guards are among the ways that companies protect their interests. When construction completes, the building usually has a fire detection and suppression system in place […]

Private security guards provide real-time intelligence

Sophisticated surveillance tools mean many companies wonder if there’s a place for old-school foot patrols. Private security guards were once the frontline of defence, but live video feeds have taken property security online. Why should a company put human lives at risk by asking guards to monitor properties through night and control access during the […]

Sexual offender to reside in Edmonton

Edmonton police are warning the community that a convicted sexual offender, who is very violent, will be living in the area and is likely to reoffend. Gregory Ottertail, 40, is said to be violent towards anyone that he meets, whether they be familiar or complete strangers. He has been violent with his intimate partners and […]

RCMP officer severely injured

During a traffic stoplight, an RCMP officer was dragged by a suspect vehicle which resulted in severe injuries. The officer was investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle and stopped a car around No. 3 Road and Steveston Highway on Sunday morning around 9:30 a.m. Upon approaching the vehicle on foot, the officer was dragged […]

Burnaby Mounties applauded by social media users

Nowadays there are many videos online showing the abuse of people by police officers. About three days ago, a video surfaced of the Burnaby RCMP being verbally assaulted, but staying extremely calm. The video has now become viral and the police in the video are being applauded by those it has reached. The altercation in […]

Thieves hijack Vancouver woman’s phone number and gain access to her accounts

A Vancouver woman, who thought she had taken enough measures to protect herself, is now out $30,000. Erynn Tomlinson had her two-factor authentication set up like most people do upon making accounts so that they are well-protected. This involves receiving a security code through text message or email so that you are able to log […]

13 Items to never store in your car

Sometimes we can’t help but leave certain items in our car. Out of convenience, we leave some items in our vehicle not realizing that it is hazardous due to extreme temperatures of the vehicles. Listed below are 13 items that should not be kept in our vehicles: Medicine – To maintain their efficacy they must […]