security officer watching out for fires

This is a Job for a Fire-watch Security Guard!

When you hire a fire-watch security guard from Imperial Security, they are dedicated to their task of being the first respondent on the scene in case of a fire at your location.

When it comes to the protection of human life and property, our security patrol plays a primary and key role at the location they are dedicated to. This job is clearly of vital importance, and so our security service guards go through more extensive training than other security guard companies to effectively carry out their job.

What You Can Expect from Our Fire-watch Security Guards

Preventative Measures

A good security services company can see the problem before it occurs, which is one of the most important jobs of our fire watch security guard. Vigilance is key. Our guards inspect the premises and know what to look for. This includes noticing anything out of order or not in the right place, and anything that has the potential for starting a fire, such as flammable material near a potential ignition source. In addition, an essential part of the job is to make sure that all extinguishing equipment is maintained correctly and that nothing is past the expiration date.

Evacuation Plan

Every location should have established security protocols. It is the job of the fire-watch security guard to evacuate all people in accordance with these protocols and to make sure that everyone in the vicinity is also aware of these protocols. A significant aspect of this preparedness is to make sure that all emergency exits are accessible and not blocked.

The Necessary Alerts

Whether the guard detects a fire outbreak or the alarm is triggered, the guard will immediately inform the appropriate emergency authority. If the alarm has not been triggered, it is up to the guard to do so once a fire has been detected. The guard must make sure that the fire department and the security company receive a full report of the situation. At the same time, the guard must work in parallel with the fire respondents to address the fire danger and protect life and property.

Why is it a Good Idea to Hire a Fire-watch Security Service?

Anytime your property involves multi-families taking up residence, or for a commercial or industrial space, fire safety should be a big part of your overall security plan. Contacting a qualified local security guard service company should be one of your first steps. Other occasions requiring fire-watch security could be a sporting event or a construction site.

Regulations and bylaws, whether municipal or provincial, require any building owner to be in full compliance with security regulations. Fire-watch security is a sure way to ensure the protection of all involved. No matter if its a case of an alarm malfunction, or as an extra precaution, a patrol guard can assist in helping alert the residence and the fire department to the emergency.

When is it a Good Idea to Hire a Fire-watch Security Service?

The best time to address a fire incident is before it happens. A fire-watch security service like the one Imperial Security offers can eliminate most incidences before they occur. When you think of the cost of human injury and property damage resulting from a fire, a fire-watch service is a small investment.

Call Imperial Security, the Right Call for Fire-watch Security

When looking for local security guard companies, it is just as critical to know which service to choose, as it is to know that you need one. Not all fire-watch security companies qualify their professional security guards to the extent that we do. Imperial Security is the right call.

Call us, and we will start by helping you create a security and fire safety plan that is perfect for you!