A Vancouver woman, who thought she had taken enough measures to protect herself, is now out $30,000.
Erynn Tomlinson had her two-factor authentication set up like most people do upon making accounts so that they are well-protected. This involves receiving a security code through text message or email so that you are able to log into your accounts.
Though she had taken the steps to protect herself, thieves were still able to steal her identity and take $30,000 away from her. The hackers were able to take her phone number and convince her phone provider, Rogers, to activate a new sim card. With the newly activated sim card, they were able to reset her email and password which gave them access to her Apple account and the apps along with it, which eventually led to her money.
Tomlinson blames Rogers for this damage as they did not protect her privacy.
Source: bc.ctvnews.ca