Five threats have been made against Edmonton-area schools during a span of 24 hours on February 11, 2019 and the police are still investigating these reports.

Staff at Father Leduc Elementary School were told about a message on Snapchat that appeared to be a threat to the school. The school was then put on lock down and the RCMP were called.

The RCMP has quickly identified who sent the threat and took them into custody.

The photo had involved guns.

Later in the afternoon, the lock down was lifted and the officers continued their investigations.

Around the same time, the same situation happened at another Edmonton school. Threats through social media were being made and schools were being put on lock down.

Later, parents were informed of the incident through an online letter from the school board, while investigations were still ongoing.

The RCMP confirmed that another photo, that had started circulating in another school, was a stock photo and was not a threat.

They stated that the photos of guns were pulled from the internet and had started to circulate through different schools through Edmonton.

Similar situations have been reported in Calgary, Camrose and Winnipeg schools.

At this time, no charges have been laid to any of the threats being investigated. Police state that they will not be releasing any other information as they continue to investigate.