What Is Mobile Patrol Security?

While it’s always wrong to break the law, thieves and vandals are getting smarter in their hunt to pull off the crime. Technology allows criminals to have more information and better access to businesses and homeowners. Those shouldered with the responsibility of the safety of a property need to be not only smarter but also more prepared.

Personnel of Mobile patrol security travel both scheduled and random routes on foot and in specified, professional patrol vehicles or to watch for suspicious activity or criminal behavior. Since they do not have a fixed location, these security personnel ensure there is no window of opportunity for criminals to execute their crimes.

A common example of a mobile patrol can be found in the parking areas of a lot of large shopping centers. Mobile security patrols move around the property in random and regular routes, being visibly present as a deterrent to those who want to commit a crime.

In the unfortunate event of any harm or vandalism, mobile security patrols are generally the first ones present on the scene and can contact emergency medical personnel or police immediately. Better yet, the presence of mobile security patrols often decreases the chance of a crime happening in the first place.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Patrol?

Mobile patrol is a great option for many properties and businesses, including apartment and residential communities, construction sites and large parking lots. The cost of Mobile patrols is often less than dedicated security personnel while still ensuring peace of mind and a high level of safety. And think of a lot of money that you end up saving when you don’t have to replace or repair the stolen or damaged property!

There are a lot of benefits to hiring mobile security patrols. Let’s look at three of the major benefits of mobile patrol security services that we offer at Imperial Security.

Active and Alert Security Personnel

Mobile patrol guards differ from security guards who are posted at the entrance to a property or located in a security shack. Mobile patrols move constantly, covering the entire property searching for suspicious behavior. Due to this, they are always available at a moment’s notice for stepping into action.

More Protection due to More Coverage

Today a lot of security options are available for property and business owners. Depending on the threats being faced by you and your business, certain security solutions end up leaving holes in the security program. Stationary guards and Security can act as great options, but they are typically restricted in their ability to give you total coverage of the property. Mobile patrols provide a solution to this problem by protecting more areas either using vehicle patrols or on foot.

High Rate of Crime Deterrent

When a vandal or a thief is thinking about which property to target next, they will choose the most easy and predictable target. Mobile patrols are extremely unpredictable as compared to other security options. A property that is excessively well protected by mobile patrol security personnel is extremely less likely to become the target of criminals. Even the most inexperienced criminals are aware that roving security guards are not to be taken lightly.

Imperial Security

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