The more the times change, the more things stay the same. And, as recent government surveys in British Columbia and Alberta show, an overwhelming majority want the times to stay just as they are.

Close to 93% of the nearly 225,000 British Columbians surveyed by the province this summer want the province to make a permanent switch to Daylight Savings Time. (The change will happen if U.S. states along the West Coast make the switch, too.) Two years ago, 75% of more than 13,500 Alberta residents told their provincial leaders they wanted to ditch daylight savings time in favour of Alberta Standard Time year-round.

Safety concerns

Most people are concerned about losing an hour of sleep when the clocks jump forward to standard time in the spring. (No one seems to grumble when they get that hour back each fall.) But safety and security are often overlooked in discussions of the time change.

Most people don’t notice the effects in summer, when a northern latitude means sunlight extends for hours either side of the working day. But when the clocks fall back and bring darkness an hour early, people can feel less safe. There are also more opportunities for property damage and theft.

What’s the difference?

Would eliminating the seasonal time change make a difference? So far as property security goes, no.

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