Lock Unlock

At Imperial Security, we pride ourselves on helping keep our clients feel safe and secure while showcasing impeccable flexibility that allows us to work with businesses and residences of all backgrounds and budgets. Our services are all-encompassing and totally customizable, but there are some technologies that everyone could benefit from. One such example of a universally valuable service available is access control systems. There are a few types of access control systems on the market, but they all serve the same purpose. In short, this type of security technology allows you to decide who has access to certain areas of your property. Access control systems come in many forms – keycards, fobs, bio scanners, etc. – and all of them do an incredible job in increasing the security of your property. There are a variety of types of access control systems in terms of who is given access, and below are the three most popular.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control, or non-discretionary access control, is the most popular form of access control system currently available. In short, this style allows for managers to grant or deny access to entry points based on an employee’s job role. Instead of being tied to specific people, an RBAC system is more of a blanket concept tied to the different positions and hierarchy within a business.

Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary Access Control gives business owners the power to decide how many people are allowed access to designated locations. DAC systems allow end-users to have total control over the network and, as such, each individual user has the ability to change the security clearance of other employees. Sometimes access permissions under DAC systems can get passed indirectly in the absence of a Mandatory Access Control system. While they serve their purpose, Discretionary Access Control systems must be handled with care.

Mandatory Access Control

Of these three types of access control systems, Mandatory Access Control is the most popular option for organizations with highly classified information. It is the strictest access control system option available, giving only business owners/leaders and custodians access throughout the business. Mandatory Access Control systems allow owners to set up permission guidelines and prevent individuals in the system from changing access permission or passing access approval onto others.


Access Control Systems are an excellent way to bolster the security of your business, and there are a variety of options available to you. At Imperial Security, our experts recognize that every company and organization is different and, as such, there is no blanket answer to providing the best security to everyone.

Instead, we prefer to work with individuals directly to help them craft the perfect security setup for their specific situation. If you have been thinking of adding additional security to your home or business, give Imperial Security a call today. Our expert staff is always eager to make our clients feel more safe and comfortable in the places they live and work.